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Grants & Donations

Dear Customers,

The Novartis Grants & Donations website will be shut down for the Holiday season between December 19, 2014 and January 5, 2015. Our online system will be available to receive your requests on January 5, 2015.

We wish you Happy Holidays.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. is dedicated to scientific research and creating value for all patients. Novartis also strives for high performance with high integrity. In line with this commitment, Novartis adheres to all guidelines relating to ethical business conduct, including its support of projects that promote patient care, delivering education to the medical and scientific community and providing charitable and philanthropic donations to reputable third party institutions.

All requests for Grants & Donations are evaluated by an internal committee at Novartis. This committee does not evaluate or approve requests based on prescribing habits, drug reimbursement status or decisions or any specific interactions or relationship that Novartis may have with the requestor.

All requests for Grants & Donations must be submitted using the online application in order to be considered by the approval committee. To request funds from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc., you must complete the online Grants and Donations application using the link provided below. Please note that the Novartis Consumer Health Division does not have a Grants and Donations program.

Grants & Donations Online Application

Your request for funding will be processed by our internal review comittee. Review and approval times may vary, depending on the type and value of the request. However, providing complete and accurate information to support your request can help reduce timelines for approval.

Please note that requests are not automatically approved. Previous support from Novartis to an organization does not guarantee future support. Each request is evaluated separately.

Types of requests that can be supported by Novartis:

  • Educational grants: non-promotional grants which serve an educational or scientific purpose made to a reputable third party institution;
  • Philanthropic donations: charitable, philanthropic, altruistic benefits donated to reputable third party institutions;

Types of requests that cannot be supported by Novartis:

  • Grants or donations payable directly to individuals (or their solely owned corporation);
  • Unrestricted educational grants (while Novartis does not seek to have control over the content of educational programs it supports through educational grants, Novartis cannot support unrestricted grants. The purpose of the grant must be determined in the request for support in order for Novartis to consider it);
  • Incomplete requests that do not include sufficient information for proper evaluation;
  • Individual requests for education or travel within Canada;
  • Grant requests that do not serve an educational purpose (ex. galas, departmental retreats, leisure activities);
  • Donation requests for student group activities;
  • Donation requests for religious organizations.